Ti si mi u krvi (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling

You're in my blood

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She cuddles me with her look
like she's touching me
and every time
like for the first time
I always think she'll stop
she'll disappear for no reason
but the lust is not stopping
you're in my blood
So many long years
I'm staying the first and the last one
I'm dreaming gypsies because of you
and I plan sweet trickeries
but the devil is not surrendering
you're in my blood
And if take you away
gypsies "cergars" *
or almighty guards of harem steal you
If they take you away
I will go crazy
I can't wake up in the morning without you
If they take you away
all will brake down
Remember me as a friend,keep me in your soul
even then
when you think it's late for dreams
for everything
So many long years...
And if they take you away...
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Ti si mi u krvi