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Oh Sweetie

They called her: hey “Sweetie“...
That's all, that's all what I know about her
Her star was always rising beneath the same gate
It shone to us
Sometimes she came to a halt just behind the corner facing you
And no one could withstand the temptation of her hair blown by the wind
When she walked along the street, the neon lamps lost their brightness (x2)
Today, we're alone and “Sweetie“ is no more among us
Even the trace beneath that gate was washed away by the rain (x2)
The trace..., the rain...
They called her: hey “Sweetie“, that's all, that's all what I know about her
That's really all what I know about her (x2)
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Och słodka

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frerefrere    Di, 31/03/2015 - 09:37

thank you so much - loved this song though i never understood the words beyond "slodka"
sounds like another of riedel's sad lyrics. but what a great blues singer !

i would not have used the word "sweetie" - it sounds like a little girl. i would use"sugar" [i am not a translator; it's just that i listened for 15 years without ever imagining "sweetie"]