Opa opa (Опа опа) (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling

Opa Opa

You and I, we're different souls
in the same country we're the flood and drought
you and I, we're ebb tide and high tide
what's there between us
I pray to God that you come to me
and when you do
I'm cold as rock
then when you're gone I wish
to die, that I'm gone
Opa, opa, opa, opa
you and I are disaster
opa, opa, opa, opa
like life is testing us
Opa opa, opa opa
a little happines, a little pain
opa opa, opa opa
where this story goes
Why does sun with rain makes rainbow
why is north going to the south
we are fighting almost every day
what is there between us
Toegevoed door Gast op Vrij, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Opa opa (Опа опа)