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The date

I've been wrong so many times now
that I already know
that today almost certainly
I am wrong about you.
But once more what can change
In my life...
Accepting this weird date
was crazy!
I am sad among the people who
are passing me by,
but the longing to see you again
is stronger than crying.
This sun lights on my face
a sign of hope.
I'm waiting when all of a sudden
I'll see you pop up in the distance!
Love, hurry up,
I can't resist...
If you don't come, I don't exist,
I don't exist, I don't exist
Weather has changed and now it's raining,
but I still keep waiting.
I don't care about what the world could think,
I don't want to leave.
I look inside and wonder,
but I feel nothing.
I am just a rest of hope
lost among people.
Love, it's already late
and I can't resist...
If you don't come, I don't exist
I don't exist, I don't exist...
Lights, cars, storefronts, streets, everything
blurs in the mind.
My shadow has grown tired of following me,
the day slowly dies.
I have no choice but to return to my home
to my sad life.
This life I wanted to give you
you crumbled it between your fingers....
Love, I forgive,
but I cannot resist...
Now forever I don't exist,
I don't exist, I don't exist....
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