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[Hariuha laþu laukar gakar alu ole lule laukar]
An eleventh I know,
if needs I must lead
To the fight my long-loved friends;
I sing in the shields,
and in strength they go
Whole to the field of fight,
Whole from the field of fight,
And whole they come thence home.
A fifth I know,
If I see from afar
An arrow fly 'gainst the folk;
It flies not so swift
That I stop it not,
If ever my eyes behold it.
Toegevoed door BirmmBirmm op Vrij, 16/02/2018 - 17:44
Comments van auteur:

[Hariuha laþu laukar gakar alu ole lule laukar] Is possibly a puzzle of words that is constructed to make sort of a fertility spell (be it sexual fertility or a rich soil).

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