out and about

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Idiomatic translations of "out and about"

ute och gå
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Meanings of "out and about"


to be under way

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to be on the go

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(делать) что-л. вне дома; быть на ногах; быть в хорошей форме (особенно после болезни); подняться после болезни.

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Biti u toku

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ayağa kalkacak kadar iyileşmiş

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"out and about" in lyrics

Calle 13 - Atrévete Te, Te

go up in flames like a lighter
rub off your sweat as if you were a wiper,
'cause you like to go out and about, streetfighter.

Helene Fischer - Breathless through the Night

Breathless through the night,
Until a new day dawns.
Breathless, out and about,
Your eyes draw me out!

Casper - Let them go

When I sometimes mingle with people:
No photos please, not today!
They yell at me when I'm out and about
I feel as if I'm hunted by thousands

Farid Bang - Killa

Sluts in bikinis today, pockets full of Billy Boys*****
I'm coming in the Lamborghini - it's going good!
And I'm out and about with Alice now
And you ask: Is the banger completely wacko today?

Maksim Leonidov - Girl - Illusion

Now I live peacefully and smoothly
But by night getting out and about
I search for her eyes in the crowd desperately

Fonseca - Hace Tiempo

of tomorrow I wake up and pray to God that you're not far away.

I always get home straight from being out and about
and because of you, I always see the sun rise,

Toy Story (OST) - I Am Your Friend

Your friend is me
You know, I am your friend
When everything gets confused, out and about,
Far, far away from your cozy bed,

Harry Styles - Style/Perfect-Mashup

Take you're home
Lights are off, she's taking off her coat
I know you heard that I been out and about with some other girl I Can't stop thinking about you and

Hamza Namira - Promise Me

I've been out and about; I've feared that
I would find the same fate that many people ended up with
Why is it that the ending is always sad in this world?

The Correspondents - Fear & Delight

It's wrong but I want you tonight
When I'm out the other side I say never again
But when I'm out and about I want to find the next vixen
Someone who'll be sure to drive me round the bend

Eminem - Kings Never Die

Even when you bitches are countin' me out
And I appear to be down for the count
Only time I ever been out and about
Is drivin' around town with my fuckin' whereabouts in a doubt

Einstürzende Neubauten - Nagorny Karabakh

and in between them the moment is
carried by the birds
that are out and about here
in the enclave of my heart

Rae Sremmurd - Bedtime Stories

Five minutes later I'm takin' you down
Now you're callin' my name
Thinkin' of me when you're out and about
Ooh, pray for your crew

Pizza - Lift

I will wait for you in the lift
Between the fourth and third floor
And will dream of the summer
With my grandfather Peter

Teresa Salgueiro - Way of the Sun

Which brings me to this song
I want you to give me a hand
Lets go out and about
Without thinking about what happened

Suede - Saturday Night

And it'll be okay, like everyone says
It'll be alright and ever so nice
We're going out tonight, out and about tonight

Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual

It's not unusual to go out at any time
but when I see you out and about it's such a crime.
If you should ever wanna be loved by anyone,

Paquita la del Barrio - Wicked Men

And they say they're very manly,
Because they're out and about with many women,
Conceiving children wherever they go,

Taylor Swift - Style

So it goes, he can't keep his wild eyes on the road
Takes me home, lights are off he's taking off his coat
I say "I've heard that you've been out and about with some other girl, some other girl"
He says "What you've heard is true but I

Banda El Recodo - Banda el Recodo

My People from SINALOA, often see me out and about,
In nothing but brand new cars, and money to spend
American money, to enjoy life