over the moon

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Idiomatic translations of "over the moon"

на седмото небе съм
To be beside oneself with joy.
be in seventh heaven
be dancing in the streets
be floating on air
walk on air
fou de joie
ברקיע השביעי
फूला न समाना
दिल की कली खिलना
În al nouălea cer
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Meanings of "over the moon"


filled with great joy.

Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta on Zon, 22/09/2019 - 09:06
Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta

(быть) наверху блаженства, на седьмом небе от счастья.

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Explained by St. SolSt. Sol
уже есть русский эквивалент, в другом месте. Может, объединить? - μαρι 11 months geleden

"over the moon" in lyrics

WayV - City of Heaven (Moonwalk)

The call of destiny
will take off towards the distance
And we gonna take over the moon
(5, 4, 3, 2, 1) Moonwalk

WayV - 天选之城 (Moonwalk)

And we gonna take over the moon
(5, 4, 3, 2, 1) Moonwalk

Annalisa - Wind over the moon

Over the moon, over the moon,
over the moon, over the moon,
over the moon, over the moon.

Elissa - Law (What IF)

If I had never lived the happiness that is not mine

If I had never felt that I was over the moon that day
(If I had never felt that I owned the world that day)

Kelly Sweet - Je T'aime

Wrapped up in heaven's arms.
Over the moon, gathering stardust

Panos Mouzourakis - Keep kissing me

A huge waste of time ,something impossible
to invent the dream, a life in a day,
a scene over the moon
a beautiful world ,only a step away

EXO-CBX - The One

Your sweet voice is a pretty melody,
it puts me over the moon.*
I feel like I’ve got everything, nobody knows.

Beautiful World (OST) - Over The Moon

On your side

High over the moon
I'll be waiting here

Ahmed Arif - Dark Moon

Your eyes verge on blue,
The blue of fire.
Wild with the wind.

Kelly Sweet - Je t'aime

Wrapped up in heaven's arms.
Sailing, soaring
Over the moon, gathering stardust

Giuseppe Ungaretti - Rivers

I watch
the quiet passage of
clouds over the moon.

Teen Beach Movie (OST) - Falling For Ya

(it goes on for miles)
Don't usually swoon
But I'm over the moon
(cause he was just to cool for school)

Carlos Paião - Cinderella

Cinderella from the tales, reminding memories, leaving mistery
Already made him walk over the moon, in the street, raining sorely
When she saw him there, soaked and cold, almost embraced him

Barış Manço - Bear

Hey, small fry
Shall we do picnic
People of home was over the moon

Stick Figure - Smokin' Love

Let's spend a little time inside, roll it up
Girl, you know what to do
I wanna get high over the moon
On the left side, pass it over to you

Jokeren - Just the two of us

This one, it's for you, the two of us
You say it yourself, honey, daddy's crazy
You have seen me both over the moon and all curled up
You say I swear too much on the radio

Heartland (OST) - When To Let Go

Spring time’s got it all
It brings a new song everyday
The cow jumped over the Moon
But I have a silver spoon

Jerzy Stuhr - Everybody can sing

I'm simply very talented.
When I open my mouth
the public is over the moon.

Mike Oldfield - Innocent

Sunrise, here comes another day
Cow jumps over the moon now
Sometime, you will look back and say

Mohamed AlShehhi - Prohibited

But when she was up already, she forgot who left her up
I made sure she remembers again
That I myself, as I made her touch the sky 1, I made her thirsty again 2

  • 1. Metaphor for being "Over the moon" for making her content and happy.
  • 2. I took all that from her and made her thirsty for love again