In Paris brennen Autos (Engels vertaling)

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Cars burn in Paris

Cars burn in Paris
And in Zürich my fireplace does
We two are happy
Lying beside each other
In this world
Here oil is worth more than wine
In this world
I cannot be without you
It's a good day
The sky wears its best grey
And we watch the people
Ruining their day
Because when work cries a Swiss never stays home
In a city with a lot of clocks noone has time
Some drown in abundance
Others in the sea
A terrorist blows up an airport happily
Until it's empty
And a Nazi shoots at a refugee hostel in a satisfied way
In those situations, sometimes one feels alone as a human being
Our roof is the sky
Our home is the world
And we love each other
When everything falls apart out there
And sometimes I'm glad not to know what burns outside
To forget everything when you gift me with a smile
And I invite you to eat ice cream, maybe a glass of white wine later
You whisper into my ear, I love you habibi
I'll follow you flying to Belgrad
If I have time then
I love you habibi
Baby I'll never leave you
In this world here oil is worth more than wine
In this world I cannot be without you
In this world I cannot be without you
In this world I cannot be without you
In this world I cannot
Without you
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In Paris brennen Autos

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fulicasenia    Di, 18/09/2018 - 21:40

Thanks for translating! Regular smile Here are a couple of suggestions:

"When work calls" would be more idiomatic and would better convey the sense of "when works summons us, we don't ignore the summons."

Some of the German is really hard to translate in a way that sounds natural in English. In such cases I tend to juggle the word order and sentence structure a lot, for example, "A terrorist happily empties an airport/With a bomb."

Maybe "A Nazi contentedly shoots at/shoots up (idiom for shooting many bullets at) a hostel for refugees" or "a refugee center."

Maybe "I invite you out for an ice cream"? I'm not actually sure whether the German implies going out for ice, or sounds more like they're going to eat at home.

"I'll follow you flying to..." doesn't sound idiomatic. Maybe "I'd follow you anywhere, I'll even fly to Belgrad./If I have the time."

The last two lines are hard to find an English equivalent for-- I like how you did it!