pH-1 - Sugoi

  • Artiest: pH-1 ( Park Jun-won (박준원))
  • Gastmuzikant: Rekstizzy
  • Album: Single


I remember way back when
My big bro used to point his BB gun at me and said
"i ain't gonn shoot you" then I cried when I was bleeding from my head
So with that on my conscious, i promise i won't kill you, do you feel me? (oh shit, you dead)
So bang bang or boogie
Scramble from the bully
Never let your head hang or get this noogie
Cuz i ain't no rookie
Ain't no 3M reflection on my hoody
But i'll shine my mind on money i'll prolly die in some pussy
So put me in a rough spot, see if i don't smooth it out like diamonds
I'm cooler than a jeweler's mouth
But the truth is i ain't smilin'
More like kanye through the wire
Chewin' and i'm grindin'
Big league bazooka joe, but i ain't no joke
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