IdiomTaalEquivalents Toelichtingen
blow out of the waterEngels-
to be in the soupEngels1
shout oneself hoarseEngels2
Tip the scalesEngels1
(to be) caught with chaffEngels8
en réserveEngels2
(not to) have what it takesEngels2
put (someone) onEngels1
to a TEngels-
It's the same old storyEngels8
to be in high dudgeonEngels8
All bark and no biteEngels6
All talk and no ciderEngels6
connect the dotsEngels1
Better an egg today than a hen tomorrowEngels53
patience is a virtueEngels-
tell me whenEngels2
say whenEngels2
the weakest go to the wallEngels-
strictly businessEngels-
from scratchEngels-
bend the truthEngels-
go to the wallEngels-
To come to naughtEngels116
chew over somethingEngels1
May as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.Engels1
take something out on somebodyEngels4
to lay the blame for something at someone's doorEngels4
What you sow is what you reapEngels7
slink awayEngels4
vanish into thin airEngels4
Hip toEngels-
While there's life, there's hopeEngels2
get flakEngels-
Engels #1, #2, Russisch
Greek to meEngels28
An idle mind is the devil's workshopEngels6
kiss and tellEngels-
stand correctedEngels-
there's no time like the presentEngels3
without rhyme or reasonEngels5
old is gold.Engels1
to play to the galleryEngels2
The common horse is worst shodEngels1
the queen of ShebaEngels4
too big for your bootsEngels4
The world is your oysterEngels27
there’s no comparisonEngels2
Lend your money and lose your friendEngels4
like a startled swanEngels2
to know the ropes.Engels4
Engels #1, #2
ups and downsEngels7
walk on airEngels10
be floating on airEngels10
be dancing in the streetsEngels10
be in seventh heavenEngels10
over the moonEngels10
To be beside oneself with joy.Engels10
be not worth a brass farthingEngels1
take something lying downEngels1
to hold in contemptEngels1
In two shakes of a cow's tailEngels18
in next to no timeEngels18
before you know itEngels18
before you can say Jack RobinsonEngels18
put somebody through the mill.Engels6
Engels, Frans #1, #2, Russisch
Put somebody through the wringerEngels6
Never judge a book by its coverEngels7
Appearances are deceptiveEngels7
to be at sixes and sevensEngels6
tough callEngels-
Pride comes before a fall.Engels2
Strike goldEngels9
Engels #1, #2
to its apogeeEngels1
play to the crowdEngels2
work the roomEngels-
A bit on the noseEngels-
fill the gapEngels-
make doEngels-
Think twiceEngels-
may God stay with youEngels1
Shut up!Engels103
My home is my castle.Engels4
A day and a mile awayEngels13
to see pink elephantsEngels2
Before my timeEngels-
Your pure heart dyed blackEngels-
Make the flowers bloomEngels-
Better sorry than safeEngels2
small fryEngels2
Cut somebody some slackEngels-
to do something for kicksEngels1
to go tits-upEngels-
Pinch penniesEngels2
as sound as a dollarEngels-
Break the bankEngels1
More by accident than designEngels1
Vim and VigorEngels-
Snowed UnderEngels2
In VogueEngels-
out and aboutEngels1