IdiomTaalEquivalents Toelichtingen
not sleep a wink all nightEngels1
In the heart of townEngels-
To lap up everything sb saysEngels1
To go off on a tangentEngels3
Have hollow legsEngels3
lay something on thickEngels2
to hit a snagEngels1
Be at odds with oneselfEngels1
Die on sb/sthEngels1
To be flabbergastedEngels2
To go to one’s headEngels6
Give (one) the airEngels-
two twoEngels-
All talk and no actionEngels9
When it rains, it poursEngels39
living in sinEngels-
Look the partEngels-
the halfway homeEngels-
Mind your own beeswaxEngels36
Three penny beaverEngels-
Three-piece setEngels1
Read mindsEngels5
Ugly ducklingEngels1
It serves him/her rightEngels2
to fit right inEngels1
It's about time!Engels1
on the scrap heapEngels-
your best bib and tuckerEngels1
Sunday bestEngels1
Turks #1, #2
under the banner ofEngels-
land on both feetEngels3
twinkle toesEngels-
off the blocksEngels-
earn one's stripesEngels-
right out of the gateEngels-
keep a lid onEngels-
blue pencilEngels1
blank pageEngels17
And then someEngels-
Down to the coreEngels-
to give a lipEngels-
To and froEngels4
Get love on a saturday nightEngels-
Be cruel to be kindEngels-
Paper moonEngels-
left and rightEngels1
keep (something) under (one's) hatEngels-
cut teeth on somethingEngels1
baby bluesEngels-
curl up and dieEngels2
it's morning in ÜsküdarEngels1
blow this Popsicle standEngels-
lone wolfEngels4
start the ball rollingEngels-
budge an inchEngels-
once in a lifetimeEngels-
all shapes and sizesEngels-
poetry in motionEngels-
all fur coat and no knickersEngels1
Stay GoldEngels-
To give a bad nameEngels-
Botch upEngels1
15 minutes of fameEngels-
Every Jack has his Jill.Engels1
Arabisch #1, #2
You are goldEngels-
revel in somethingEngels-
Go back to the drawing boardEngels3
Get something out of your systemEngels1
easy does itEngels1
In the depths of someone's soulEngels3
Push something all the way throughEngels-
Nothing to sneeze atEngels-
Jig was upEngels1
stay putEngels2
drop a dime on youEngels2
Engels #1, #2, Turks
Drop a dime on someoneEngels2
Don't let the door hit youEngels1
Don't let the door hit you on the way outEngels1
lucky breakEngels-
runt of the litterEngels-
go to bat forEngels-
golden ruleEngels-
by dint ofEngels-
at a boyEngels-
With toil and dreadEngels3
To not miss a thingEngels1
Knock spots off someone/somethingEngels1
willy nillyEngels1
Drag sb into sthEngels1
To give with one hand and take away with the otherEngels1
take the pipeEngels-
To pick on someoneEngels1
Beat the drum of someone/somethingEngels2
To give somebody free handEngels2
Money is no objectEngels-
To keep something quietEngels1
Time is on your sideEngels-
Not the end of the worldEngels1