Piccolissima serenata (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Renato Carosone (Renato Carusone)
  • Gastmuzikant: Teddy Reno, Jula de Palma, Marino Marini, Alice Babs, Emilio Pericoli, Roberto Delgado, Percy Faith, Les Baxter, Dalida, Piero Giorgetti, Teddy Randazzo, Inger Berggren, Wilson Miranda, Vito Galli, Juan Bolinches, Carlo Pascucci, Flavio Simonini
  • Nummer: Piccolissima serenata 7 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Duits, Engels #1, #2, Grieks, Pools, Spaans #1, #2
Engels vertalingEngels

Itsy Bitsy Serenade

Versions: #1#2
I'll borrow a bitsy of sun
'cause I want to give it to you,
you could lay it on blond hair,
this golden cloud I'm going to caress.
This itsy bitsy serenade
can be sung with a low soft voice
by every lover-boy to the lover-girl;
he'll whisper it, he'll whisper it
I'll borrow a bitsy of sky
'cause I want to give it to you,
you could lay it on your white veil
when I'll lead you to the altar
I'll borrow a bitsy of sea
'cause I want to give it to you,
you could lay it on your beautiful eyes,
in your blue gaze I shall plunge
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Piccolissima serenata