Por favor (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti‎)
  • Nummer: Por favor
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels (poëtisch)

Por Favor

Por favor—do not hold me so tightly in your arms.
The time has not yet come to say
no, I adore you, no por favor.
What emotion—do not put me into such a state.
I feel your hand tremble in my fingers—
yes, and all that, yes, it's for me.
Yes, it's me, at least as long as it is not the cha-cha-cha—
because this is what it does to you, the cha-cha-cha—
in the middle of its swirling, I feel as if,
for a moment, that I am living a beautiful dream.
Por favor—I am at the point of losing my way.
There is in this cha-cha, something like a fire,
yes, something like a fire that devours you.
Let it burn, por favor.
Por favor—hold me in your arms yet even tighter.
Tell me before the dawn arrives
yes, I adore you, yes por favor.
What joy—now I tremble even more than you.
I feel as if I might do no matter what—
yes, for the night to go on and on.
It is not, I know that it is not the cha-cha-cha—
it is surely not the cha-cha-cha—
that makes our two hearts beat as one,
drunk on their joie de vivre.
Por favor—hold me in your arms yet even tighter—
and swear to me that we will be as one, me—
you and me until death do us part.
And kiss me, por favor.
And kiss me, por favor.
And kiss me, por favor.
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Por favor

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