Pour qui ? Pour quoi ? (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (داليدا‎)
  • Nummer: Pour qui ? Pour quoi ? 3 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Arabisch, Engels, Hongaars
Engels vertalingEngels

For Whom? For What?

My love of September
Tell me that we’ll love each other
Until the month of December
And the new year
To remake the voyage towards other eternities
The sky puts storms at the blue of its summer
For whom? For what?
I do not know but it is so
We cry, we laugh and we forget
Such is life
One day time makes its dash and goes away
We remain there and we say to ourselves
For whom? For what?
For whom all these "I love you"s
Forget the morning
When the night says I love you
The morning knows nothing of it
Why time trails
The days where I am bored
And runs to lose its breath when love smiles to me
For whom? For what?
I do not want to know why
So close to you, so far from you
I remain here
I love you so much, we love so much
Yes, however
One day will come when love will say
For whom? For what?
For whom? For what?
I do not know but it is so
One cries, one laughs and one forgets
Such is life
La, la, la...
For whom? For what?
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Pour qui ? Pour quoi ?