Pour un homme (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Dalida (داليدا)
  • Nummer: Pour un homme
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

For A Man

For a man
One sells one’s youth for not that much
For a man
One invents a month of August in winter
For a man
From a headstock, one becomes a lioness
For a man
One hears the sea on the telephone
I have dreamed for a long time of meeting him
Somewhere in my life one Friday
In making my idol
To lose the compass
Devil of a man
Devil of a man
For a man
A brunetter one becomes a blonde
For a man
One is alone in the middle of everyone
For a man
One is insane well before being wise
For a man
One says “yes” the heart in the clouds
For my memories there is nothing more to say
I broke the mirror of my memory
My new decoration
It is for him to access
Devil of a man
Devil of a man
For this man
I would have spent years and time
For this man
I am not afraid of the first grey hair
For this man
I will believe in other gods that mine
Proscript man
It is written in the hollow of my hands
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Pour un homme

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