Ronde de nuit (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Mano Negra
  • Nummer: Ronde de nuit
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

Night watch

Deep inside the sleeping city
lie millions of submissive people.
Nobody left to yell at night
except the Marie bridge old tramp.
Nothing but hacks1 in the streets,
all the ruffians2 are behind bars.
It's all so quiet it smells of rot.
Paris will bore herself3 to death.
The baron who rules in the city hall
wants everyone to go to bed quietly.
Squealing beds are forbidden by law,
snoring is tolerated. Thanks guv'.
(Keep quiet, it's the night watch)
Come on, children of the motherland
The tyranny waged against us
that we are deluged with4
by this buffoon elected by dull jerks.
Paris is dying now
for surrendering to a gangster,
a bastard who stole
her sleepless nights.
Paris by night it's over.
Paris will bore herself to death.
Paris is dying, give her back
her sleepless nights.
(Keep quiet, it's the night watch)
It's the night watch...
  • 1. prison guards
  • 2. "apaches" was the name of crooks and gangsters up until early 20th century. It is associated with a certain romantic view of the past, so it's a rather positive term in that context
  • 3. the city is likened to a woman
  • 4. these three lines are a parody of the French national anthem
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Ronde de nuit

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