six feet under

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Idiomatic translations of "six feet under"

six feet deep
six pieds sous terre

Meanings of "six feet under"


Pokopan, mrtav.

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Explained by DancicaDancica

To be dead or buried.

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Explained by nutrishnnutrishn

Tre metri sotto terra / Morto e sepolto.

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"six feet under" in lyrics

Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under

Six feet under
I can't help but wonder

Blackbear - Dead To Me

[Pre-Chorus 2]
I'm six feet under the ground, you turned it around on me
Had me thinking that I never really tried

Faouzia - My Heart's Grave

Although I'm six feet under
My anxiety is taking over

Jacques Brel - Jojo

Six feet under, Jojo, you're not dead
Six feet under, Jojo, I still love you.

Katy Perry - Firework

Do you ever feel
Already buried deep
Six feet under screams
But no one seems to hear a thing

Lauren Daigle - Still Rolling Stones

Rise up (rise up)

Six feet under
I thought it was over

Mozart l’Opéra Rock (Musical) - Six Feet Under Ground

Our little wars
will fly in the air
six feet under ground

A Star Is Born (OST) - Diggin' my grave

'Cause I'll be gone from here
You'll be all dressed up in black
Six feet under, baby, that's where I'll be
By the time that you're done with me

Black Pistol Fire - Suffocation Blues

They're not keeping me

When you're six feet under, all you hear are the cries
From a lark(?) there(?) dancing(?) on a window blind

Saint PHNX - Death of Me

I feel it wherever I go, It's like a poison in my veins
Everyday I wonder
Maybe when I'm six feet under

MKDMSK - A sad clown

We stand alone behind the laughing face
With a fragile mind that's ever serious
The new beginning is already lying six feet under the ground

THCF - I don't hate anyone but I either give what's mine

Maybe we won't be here tomorrow, destiny hits you on the street
they shouldn't wonder why I'm not at home
When I'm six feet under the ground
you'll find me on the other side

Jacques Brel - Jojo

Sechs Fuß unter der Erde: Jojo, singst immer noch
Six feet under: Du bist nicht tot

Oleg Pogudin - Not a branch, swayed by a wind blow

It’s no life without my lover:
Who, to altar, to escort?
Not a wed but six-feet under
Must have fallen to my lot.

The Weeknd - Six Feet Under

Six feet under she gon' get that fucking paper (get that fucking paper)
Six feet under she gon' get that fucking paper (get that fucking)
Six feet under she gon' get that fucking paper (get that fucking)
You know how she get down, pop her for a check now

Dreamhour - Dead V

Everything is gone
Now I'm six feet under
Regrets and memories, for me to wonder

Mozart l’Opéra Rock (Musical) - Standing The Madmen

But why we worry
At six feet under the ground
We will stand

Cem Adrian - I Came

If I'd died thousand times, I resuscitated thousand times and came.
I gave my life, my blood but I made your name survive and came.
Could you hear me six feet under?
Nobody believed you, only I worshipped you and came.

SPT - Graveyard Eyes

For I forgot to hold her close to my heart
And all my dreams, they sank like butterflies
And all my hopes lay six feet under

Joan Manuel Serrat - Pardon me, sir

May God inspire you or keep you safe,
these men haven't found out
that Karl Marx is six feet under.