Snow tha Product - AyAyAy!

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Yo, look, I woke up with my attitude--Kanye
I don't give a fuck what my mom say
Okay, maybe a little bit, but only 'cause I'm really not trying to start up any beef with my madre
But in my mind today I'm Beyonce
I don't wanna hear whatever y'all say
I'm a beast, give me Monster, no latte
Wearin' all black like I'm robbin' you in broad day
I had one too many bad nights
Today I don't wanna hear no advice
So all of you little bitches act nice
I don't wanna fucking have to ask twice
Bitch, any other day but not hoy
You can even hear the tone of my voice
Today my grind is pumped up on 'roids
Today my ego's gassed up, like Floyd
I swear to God the life I live has got my mom like
Ay, ay, ay
All my bros that selling O's
That kush, that dro, that whi-i-ite
What you want in bars, Patron that got you on that
High, ay, ay
Trying to roll, you lose control, be on that level
Dont try, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay (x8)
Look, my momma kicked me out cause I was partying like YOLO
Woke me up for church, I was hungover, shes like "O no"
Gave my ass a bucket, trapeador, and got the Cloro
Pitbull jacked my mom, since I was a baby, she's yelling, "Como?!"
She like: Como que no? Ponte a trapear
Todo lo que compro te doy, ponte a limpiar
Pantalones rotos y ya ponte a lavar
Aqui no tienes voto, carnal, ponteme al par
Aqui no comen si no se acomiden
Si aqui no ayudan, aqui ya no viven
Si aqui no das, ya no recibes
Y ponganse en linea, que esto no es chiste
Que a mi no me importa que Heather no ayude
La muchacha huevona, alla su mama
Ahora la vi con el novio que tiene
De aqui a nueve meses que ya son papas
Pinche malandro no mas pa' robar
Es poquitero, rapero local
Y Claudia no quiero que siguas al mal
Y pobre de ti que si andas de igual!
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