Snow tha Product - Bet That I Will

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Bet That I Will

Bet that I blow a few stacks
Bet you ain't know, Woke independent
I tell them I know you knew that, Snow be so dope
I'm numbing the feeling of all of the hate that I feel that I'm getting
From broke male rappers and ugly ass women
That say I ain't shit 'cause of Nicki and Iggy
They downplay the lyrics delivered, I'm killing
I'm hitting, but have you seen them?
Only way that I'mma kill it, get a booty like Selena
Heard she ate pizza, now I'm calling Domino's, Pizza Hut, my man cheesing
'Cause for some reason he like that I'm eating
I'm pushing this weight now my weight kind of leading
But staying in places, he like what he seeing
I tell him grab on cause I'm taking these beatings
And I'm out here working again
Ain't that what I'm supposed to do? Bitch, I'm a Mexican
While you bedazzled, I'm fighting embezzlements
I be in court and I'm not one to settle it
Y'all owe me money, I will fucking get it
Then, I know the rules and my rules have been bent
And my grind committed, my money demented
I'll hire some immigrants, pin you like Pinterest
'Cause they don't know English, they won't get a sentence
'Cause we could build houses, no blueprint, no template
Believe me, it's easy to burn down your residence
Snow get them wake 'cause they're not on the sentence
(Hook - 3x)
Now bitch, you can bet that I will
(Verse 2)
This shit ain't made for twerking bitches
It's for crazy ass 2 a.m. on the ground lurking bitches
For shoot first, ask questions last, and kill a bitch before you even knew if she did it for certain bitches
It's for double shift pulling out working bitches
Don't sell sex, but god damn I ain't no virgin, bitches
Fuck me over and I'll take your man, I'll take his new girl and
I'll turn them bitches
I got a motherfucking Vendetta, never been a little bitch I'm cold as thin sweaters and I'm finna get them
When I step up in the venue, and I'm closing out your shows 'cause ooh bitch, you should've been better
Look, I don't give a motherfuck if I never make it to platinum
They'll always pull up a tab and remember how I was rapping
How I was killing these beats and it's all chronologically captured
They'll always see how I'm changing these patterns and how these tracks get, demolished
'Cause I been at this, I've always been this advanced
Astonished at how a female rapper don't have one but they're no match
It's ironic 'cause if it's fashion, they're probably having asthma
But bitches this what I do I be chopping them and you be like 'Uh'
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