Snow tha Product - Flexicution

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I be like, "Ay dios,"
I been woke even with my eyes closed
Diles que sin quieren más
Mira que esto va pa' largo
Tiren barrio
Ride slow
Live fast better get that cash flow
Anybody wanna stand in my way, I got people yelling, "whoop that ass, Snow!"
Snow Tha Product got fed up with the shit
Life already hard enough as it is
I dont need these motherfuckas shading me or talking shit about where the fuck I am
I been out here getting cash on my own
Travel the country headlining my shows
I ain’t asking anybody for favors
You motherfuckas wanna hate on Miss Snow
Man, tell me bout it
I know how you feel about me
Lyrically I can threaten anybody’s fucking career
How you feel about it?
Since we’re being honest
I can give it all up
Have a couple babies when they learn to talk then they will spit some bars and
I can guarantee you that it’s fire, somewhere in they first verse they will say you garbage
I'm a motherfucking problem
Money talks im talking a mill
Mac is out don’t gotta conceal
Mad 'cause I ain't gotta conceal
Top five, I’m top two
Talking spitting bars and that grind too
Y'all child's play like Caillou
And by the way, that was a haiku
Goddamit Atlantic better get it together before Strange hit 'em with the tech
Slept on so long, got kink in my neck
I been thinking it’s best we relinquish the debt
Got it all in cash or I can write a check
Or y'all could buy me lunch or y'all can gimme desk and let me write for rappers y'all do give press
I feel like Piper Chapman, how much time is left 'cause goddamn
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