Snowed Under

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Idiomatic translations of "Snowed Under"

İş-gücdən başı açılmamaq
İş güçten kafayı kaşıyamamak

Meanings of "Snowed Under"


Very busy or overwhelmed with something .

Explained by Anna gülAnna gül on Vrij, 30/08/2019 - 18:15
Explained by Anna gülAnna gül

(быть) очень занятым; по горло в делах, заботах, и т.п.

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"Snowed Under" in lyrics

Keen’V - My life in the sunshine

I want to make my life in the sunshine

I can no longer bear being snowed under bills
I want to escape to an azure sky

Håkan Hellström - Now You Can Have Me So Easily

Everyone's high above the town
The summer's stirring strongly
When we were just snowed under
And I never dare to hold your hand

Morgan Sulele - My Cabin

The road is snowed under in Oslo somewhere,
and the birds have gone their way.
The streets are empty and I leave this place,
towards the mountain to find you.

Katja Ebstein - I Live Alone on An Island (I Am a Rock)

And I'm looking out of the window
I'm alone
Down there is the street, dark and snowed-under
People go over there, but they are so endlessly far