Superman (سوبرمان) (Engels vertaling)


Superman (سوبرمان)

بقي دا اللي كان طيب وحنين
ورومانسي كمان؟
كان هو العاشق الولهان
كان بيحب الدنيا وكلو جنان
كان سندي وضهري
وليا امان
بقى بارد جدا
بقى دمه تقيل
بقى ندل قوي
وطماع وبخيل
البيه اللي عاملي
انه مؤدب وجميل
بيجيلي مدروخ نص الليل
بقى كسلان ومأنتخ
وكرشه قصاده شبرين
قاعد ياما هنا ياما هناك
بقى منكوش ومبهدل
شخص كئيب وحزين
نكدي وسلبي
وعصبي وشكاك
كان مهتم بنفسه
وسيم ورياضي وشيك
كان زي لاعب كورة او فنان
كان اول ماحتاجله
يقول شبيك لبيك
كان هو فنظري سوبرمان
اللي مجنني
مع كل ما فيه
انا لسه بحبه
وباقية عليه
شوفتوا المأساه؟
شوفتوا الافيه؟
ده الحب
ودي عمايله وبلاويه
ياما لاموني وقالولي
وزنوا عليا كتير
اسلوبك ده ماينفعش معاه
طول ما الراجل عارف
العصفورة مش هتطير
هيفضل يعاملها بلامبالاة
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Engels vertaling


Is this the one who used to be kind, tender
and even romantic?
He used to be madly in love,
used to love life and was totally crazy
He used to be my support and my crutch
And he provided me with safety
Now he's so cold
And he's actually unbearable
He became an unreliable jerk,
selfish and stingy
The gentleman who pretends to be
polite and sweet
comes back to me dizzy in the middle of the night1
He became lazy and became a slob
And now he has a big belly
And pretends to be a hotshot
He became a messy, bedraggled,
depressing, sad,
gloomy , negative,
volatile and distrusting person
He used to take care of himself
He used to be handsome, sportive and stylish
He used to be like a footballer or an artist
Whenever I needed him
He used to say: My wish is your command
In my eyes, he used to be Superman
What drives me crazy
is that despite all his negativities
I still love him
and want to keep him
See how catastrophic this is?
See how much of a joke this is?
This is love
And these are the crazy things it does
Many have blamed me, told me,
and urged me to listen by saying:
"The way you treat him isn't going to work
As long as the man knows
that the bird will never fly,
he will keep treating her indifferently"
  • 1. I.e: heavily drunk.
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