Talagh (طلاق) (Engels vertaling)

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The Divorce

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Please listen my companion
(listen) to this sad story, tough road
Hey you, the only light in this moonless night
This is not putting aside the stories
This is not a picture of the decadence of human
We are watching (all of this) with consciousness
We are ourselves feeling the pain, and this is not a lame glance
Along with the grief, how sad the story is
(the moment of) Feeling death's pain (is) the moment of the destruction of a mountain (signifies a strong man)
With the lump in our throat, we broke out into tears
We screamed silently because of the pain of loneliness
Listen my companion
We travelled the road of agony
We cried all the time
We suffered in the silence of our loud crying
We mad a story of the bitterness of passing time
We made a dress for love from the velvety pain
So that we recognized our helplessness whether together or alone
We went alone and we felt our helplessness
Again, both of us felt the loneliness
Maybe if we get together in this journey (of life)
When we reach the destination, we will sing the song of happiness
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Talagh (طلاق)

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