El Tannoura (التنورة) (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Fares Karam (فارس كرم)
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Why does she shorten her skirt
the guys eyes are following her eeeeeeee
she’s in love with herself
the high heal looks good on her
the wind is blowing right and left
her skirt is really short and her shirt is see through
everytime she starts walking fast her skirt comes up
the sea’s waves get jealous of her and they go crazy when they see her
the vision of her makes the guy get grey hair
and the old lady acts like a young girlshe shorten’s and it doesn’t matter to her not even her dad and her mom
she makes the guys heart go crazy and if they melt is the last thing on her mind
everytime she lowers it shortens, everyone screams oh my god
her appearance makes the heart stop, oh what an amazing appearance
and this fashion is popular, it’s nice and an excuse
the weather is really hot and she doesn’t care
her skirt is on two ends one end talking to the other end
she walks and moves her waist like she is the queen of her age
and her shirt has no meaning because three quarters of it is off
I blame august that’s so hot I can’t blame the skirt no I can’t blame the skirt
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El Tannoura (التنورة)

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