Tehony | تهونى (Engels vertaling)


Tehony | تهونى

تهونى يعنى مين هتكونى
مش هتبكى عيونى من الليلادى
وناسى كل حاجة وناسى
من زمان احساسى راح و عادى
صدقينى ان انتى منسيه
حاجة فاضية مداريه
حتى قلبك عاش حياته
لما كنت انا بشكى حالي
غلطتى فى الدنيا انتى
ان يوم شوفتك حبيبتى
جاية ليه بتلومى قلبى
وانتى ناسيه اللى جرالى
بلاش تبكيلى على الفاضى
ده مهما تبكى انا هادى
وطيبة قلبى جوه منى قتلتها
تعبت معاكى مش نافع
زهقت خلاص مفيش دافع
دى نبرة صوتك من النهاردة كرهتها
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Engels vertaling

You're not Worth it

You're not worth it, who are you anyways?
Starting tonight my eyes will no longer cry
And I've forgotten everything
And my feelings have been long gone, it's fine
Believe me you are forgotten
You are something hollow and hidden
Even your heart was enjoying its life
when I was complaining about mine
You are my only mistake in life
My mistake is that I saw you as my lover
Why are you now blaming my heart
when you have forgotten what happened to me?
Don't cry to me, it's no use
No matter how much you cry, I'll be calm
You have killed all kindness in my heart
I've grown weary with you, it's no use
I am finally bored, there's no motivation
Starting today I even hate the tone of your voice
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