Tell me why (Engels vertaling)

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Tell me why

Na put se spremam
Jer ovdje sreće nemam,
Ne, ne, sreće nemam.
Nosiću u duši
Tvoju sliku i gitaru,
Uspomenu staru.
Tell me why, tell me why,
Tell me why you cry
Moja prva ljubavi
Tell me why, tell me why,
Tell me why you cry
Ostaćemo drugovi.
Dani su mi sivi
Ptica sam što kratko živi,
Zato me ne krivi.
Žuriti se mora
Jer mi iza leđa trči,
Moja prva bora.
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Tell me why

On the road I prepare
Because I don't have happiness here,
No, no, I don't have happiness.
I will carry in my soul
Your image and guitar,
An old keepsake.
Tell me why, tell me why,
Tell me why you cry
My first love
Tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why you cry
We'll remain friends
My days are gray
I am a bird that lives shortly
So don't blame me.
It has to be rushed
Because it runs behind my back
My first wrinkle
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