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Sorry, not telling. I enjoy remaining anonymous.
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I'm quite asocial. That doesn't mean I'm impolite if you ask me a question. No, anything but that, I will be happy if you have got a request or a question for me! But if you are searching for a friend or some small talk, I'm afraid I'm not the right person for you. There are many other nice people out there, just take a look around. Regular smile
It's not because I think I'm better than anyone else here. Really, it's got nothing to do with others. I just prefer to keep my relationships ...how do I explain this...superficial? More like unemotional. Ah, it's hard to explain. Anyway, if you have a question regarding my translation or a request, don't hesitate and send me a message.

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The Paper KitesWeidenbaum- Marschvideo Engels → DuitsEngels → Duits
Plain White T'sRache Engels → DuitsEngels → Duits
Digital DaggersDer Teufel innen drinvideo Engels → Duits
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Engels → Duits
thanked 1 time
ShinedownFeindevideo Engels → Duits
4 keer bedankt
Engels → Duits
4 keer bedankt
Sheryl CrowDer Morgen stirbt nievideo Engels → Duits
2 keer bedankt
Engels → Duits
2 keer bedankt
Pietro B.Let him govideo Duits → EngelsDuits → Engels
The FrayKleines Haus Engels → Duits
2 keer bedankt
Engels → Duits
2 keer bedankt
Creature FeatureZiel auf den Kopfvideo Engels → DuitsEngels → Duits
Forever The Sickest KidsSie ist eine Ladyvideo Engels → DuitsEngels → Duits
The AntlersDen Hund Einschläfern Engels → DuitsEngels → Duits