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I am Lin a Student who loves to edit Lyrics Video. I wish I have more time to edit videos unfortunately I have classes From Monday to Thursday and in Friday I am doing my Homework's from my school. And in weekends I do my house chores. I wish I have more time to edit videos. But don't worry I will still continue editing many videos that everyone would like.
I am editing many OST from CHINESE DRAMAS , CHINESE ANIMATION AND ETC. always wait for my update!!
By the way I love Watching Chinese Dramas.
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Chinees, Engels, Filipino/Tagalog
Chinees, Engels
Chinese (Classical Chinese), Engels, Filipino/Tagalog
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ArtiestVertalingTalenReactiesInfoInfosort ascending
Forever and Ever (OST)续写 (Xù xiě) Chinees → Engels
2 keer bedankt
Chinees → Engels
2 keer bedankt
One And Only (OST)若 (Ruò) Chinees → EngelsChinees → Engels
A Yue Yue不论 (bù lùn) Chinees → EngelsChinees → Engels
One And Only (OST)定心 (Dìng xīn) Chinees → EngelsChinees → Engels
Z.TAO冰激凌 (Ice Cream) (Bīngjīlíng) Engels, Chinees → Filipino/TagalogEngels, Chinees → Filipino/Tagalog
JJ Lin街道 (Jiē dào) Chinees → EngelsChinees → Engels
The Untamed (OST)赤子 (Chì Zǐ) Chinees → Engels
5 keer bedankt
Chinees → Engels
5 keer bedankt
Karry Wang摩天轮的思念 (mó tiān lún de sī niàn) Chinees → EngelsChinees → Engels
Karry Wang树读 Chinese (Classical Chinese) → Engels
1 keer bedankt
Chinese (Classical Chinese) → Engels
1 keer bedankt
Jackson YeeMy Boo Chinees, Engels → Engels
4 keer bedankt
Chinees, Engels → Engels
4 keer bedankt
TFBOYS愛出發 (Love Start) Chinees, Engels → EngelsChinees, Engels → Engels
TFBOYS我們的時光 (wǒ men de shí guāng) Chinees → EngelsChinees → Engels
The Rebel Princess (OST)天涯尽处 (Tiān yá jǐn chù) EChinees → Filipino/TagalogChinees → Filipino/Tagalog
The Rebel Princess (OST)天涯尽处 (Tiān yá jǐn chù) Chinees → Engels
1 keer bedankt
Chinees → Engels
1 keer bedankt
Charlie Zhou雪落下的声音 (xuě luò xià de shēng yīn) CChinees → Engels1Chinees → Engels