turn the page

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Idiomatic translations of "turn the page"

Grieks (klassiek)
λευκός χάρτης
turn over a new leaf
blank slate
Wipe the slate clean
Faire table rase
γυρίζω (νέα) σελίδα
voltare pagina
tabula rasa
Engels #1, #2, Kroatisch
Schone lei
از نو شروع کنیم
Nepisana tablica
Okrenuti novi list
hacer borrón y cuenta nueva
Boş levha (Felsefi)
vända blad

Meanings of "turn the page"


To star a new. To start over again with a new personality or as a whole new person

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Explained by The Guardian65The Guardian65

Κάνω μία νέα αρχή

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"turn the page" in lyrics


I’ll hug you more and make the cold go away

Every time we turn the page on the calendar
Our love is filled up

Fnaïre - Go away

My love it's over, turn the page
The danger is swept, In love I'm carved
My love it's over, turn the page

Beret - I miss you

And one day goes by and I don’t see you
It’s two already and I lose you.
If you turn the page, I won’t read you.

Zaho - To Turn The Page

To forget, not to bend, I move forward without knowing where I'm going

I'm trying to turn the page [x6]

Amir Haddad - It Looks Like

You, you are the only one who see the hidden beauty behind the faces
All, all turn around you
You, you know how to read me like a book, promise me that you are never gonna turn the page

Louane - Still

It’s like going on a trip
Not being able to turn the page
And I lose myself again

OR3O - All Eyes On Me

I'm in control
I have the stage
You can't turn the page
Now do as you're told

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Outro: Her

I’m confused too, which one is really me
I met you and did I realize that I’m a book
Or did you turn the page

Metallica - Turn The Page

There I am, up on a stage
Here I go, playing star again
There I go, turn the page
There I go, turn that page

Black M - It's All Me

It's all me

Struggling to turn the page as if the pen which wrote it weighed
More than a tonne, and you, stop there, I don't give a damn about the buzzer

Vitaa - My sister

like if that was the normal thing to do,
you thought I would turn the page just like that,
but it’s not over yet, I still feel rage in me,

Xhensila Myrtezaj - Key of the heart

And now I will turn the page
The page of the next chapter
that I start with you
I live for you

Sheryfa Luna - i miss you

Anyway I miss you
Thank you for giving me these wonderful years
I turn the page because I prefer to forget all
I will never never never come back with you

CG5 - Absolutely Anything

It's clear to see
Come on and step out of that cage
There's a new chapter, turn the page
I'll take my place up on the stage

Patrick Bruel - I'd be lying to you

Our unfolding story
I grope for your hand in the clouds
Not to turn the page

NF - Outcast

Gettin' sick of people tellin' me to smile more
T.S. was a chapter I'll never forget, it was therapy for me
But it's time to turn the page now
Hey, shut up! I'm tryna tell 'em my story!

Rei Yasuda - Brand New Day

The yesterdays when I stumbled, I laughed remembering them
Let's turn the page, and laugh even more tomorrow

Lara Fabian - If He Stays Only A Friend

Gives us the courage
And seeing ourselves in the mirror
Ready to turn the page

Andy Black - Know One

Waste the life I dedicated
On the five I turn the page
I'm not so confident to argue

Amir Haddad - We seem

You, you're the only one who sees the beauty concealed behind the faces
Everything, everything turns around you
You, you can read in me, promise me you won't never turn the page