Už břízy zlátnou (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Radůza
  • Nummer: Už břízy zlátnou
  • Vertalingen: Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

The Birches Turn Gold

The birches turn gold
now Winter is in the air
the frost creeps under my coat
now I have to clench my fists
I need to find a storm porch
where I don't have to be afraid of wolves
where someone can caress my shoulder
when outside the wind leans against the tree crowns
something didn't turn out well, something you have on your hump, nevermind
new way is opening
The slopes turn red
now Winter is in the air
the frost creeps into my pockets
oh, will I win the fight for my soul
forever with my body I'll be like a cat and dog
my God, give, before I fight my way to death
before my breath turns into a breeze in the birche's leaves
may I live the life you gave me
bad and good, please, give it some bite
Bekle birazcık bekle
don't look so angry
we're not in hell yet
in warmth
bekle bi dakka bekle
if this has to be
let it be quick
The leaves are falling
now Winter is in the air
the frost stings my ears
I'll go ahead
through my life
there, where the path is narrow
my God, give, when despair falls on me
when it comes out of my throat as an earthy scream
those who will hear it, they'll know what to do
just don't let me die before I really have to
Bekle, birazcık bekle...
The late Autumn
paints the forests in white
the frost put my jaw in motion
recently I've been awake all night
I'm looking out at which station you'll stop my train
my God, give, so that I feel that another stich
is going to be sewn
let me call out: "It's not about me, but about you, cause there is hardly anything more superior than You!"
Bekle, birazcık bekle...
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Už břízy zlátnou

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