Und für mein Mädchen (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Reinhard Mey
  • Nummer: Und für mein Mädchen
  • Vertalingen: Engels
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And for My Girl...

And for my girl, I would
If she asked me to
Become honourable, serious and dignified
Be in my best manners
For her love, I'd become
A constable or a soldier
And I'd become a small cog
In the national machine
And a very small capacitor
For my girl, I would
And for her, I'd become all bourgeois
If she asked me to
I'd burn all my songs
And remain silent from that moment on
I would change my life
I would turn into a bigot
I would walk around in flowing garments
And I would read wise words
From the breviary
For my girl, I would
And for my girl, I think so
I'd grow out of my arrogance
And I'd give away my pride
I'd get off my high horse
I'd let myself be guided by her
And I'd be glad if this were my destiny
And I'd be attached to her strings
Devoted and without a will of my own
Like a puppet on a string
For my girl, I would
And for my girl, I guess so
I would set the world on fire
And I'd deceive my friends
And betray my fatherland
I trust her with my life
Hers is my only verdict
I would hand her the scissors
If my life
Hung by a thread
For my girl, I would give it away
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Und für mein Mädchen

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