Verrückt (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling


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You say I'm different,
I say you are right.
You say you're in good mood
which means you're sad
I'm instatiable,
I get never enough.
grab into your wounds,
and stir up the blaze.
Dinner is served,
it's a pleasure to me.
I'm licking your lips,
because I like your taste.
Oh am I embarassing you,
are you afraid of me?
Who is normal here
and who is insane?
The decision has been made,
the charge inside me is ticking (ticking, ticking, ticking)
Nothing will be like before,
fortunately I'm crazy
I'm on probation,
okay I am not.
Your ugly brother,
a hit in the face.
You say I'm menacing you,
I'm off the lane.
You think I understand you?
I'm tantalizing you!
I'm totally clueless,
I don't remember anything,
I plead on acquittal,
I'm not all here.
You say I'm embarassing you,
say, are you afraid of me?
What is normal here,
and who is... and who is insane?
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Fortunately I'm crazy,
fortunately I'm crazy,
the charge inside me is ticking,
fortunately I'm crazy!
Fortunately I'm crazy (4x)
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