Vuelve (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Shakira (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll)
  • Nummer: Vuelve 7 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Engels, Frans, Grieks, Kroatisch, Macedonisch, Occitaans, Portugees
Engels vertalingEngels

Come back

I'm cold, just like a salt statue
Inside a crystal mausoleum
Dry to the bone from crying
And just as dead as dead could be
Tiberius in his box
I'm all in ruins like the Parthenon
Alone, just like Columbus ended up
Pale just like the Mona Lisa
As bitter as a lemon
Wrinkled just like an accordion
I'm like the Sphinx when it lost its nose
Like Alexander the great without
His sword and without his dart
Like a poor Christian
During the Roman Empire
I'm searching for something I can answer
Because I'm weary of thinking
About how is it that the seconds go by
As I survive this Great Flood
Without much effort, the explanation
Appeared inside an old drawer
And in less than a single fraction
The heart,
It comes back to life, wearing green
Come back, come back
Come back, come back
Because my life is going down the drain
Because my feet have calluses
From standing
Because I don't know how to tell you
That I miss you
And I have been like this
For more than a year
Come back, come back
Come back, come back
Because my boat is
Sinking in the mud
Because angst has bitten
Even my elbows
Because my world is empty and
Because I'm dying to have you
Here, with me
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