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They are talkin' about me in town: "Who's this guy?
He's always strolling around drunk, surely he doesn't know what shame is.
Dirty, unpleasant, he's regularly sleeping in the stables.
What is he looking for in our town?
Go to hell!" people are saying.
People full of virtue, people full of virtue.
Once I wanted to become wise and be on their side,
Sleep in clean sheets, drink fresh milk.
I really wanted to become wise and be on their side,
That's why I thought about a wife,
To become one of them,
To become one of them, to become one of them.
I had a hacienda in my mind, a wonderful one - you know,
But none of the beautiful ladies wanted to live there.
They all laughed and shouted, shouted at me every time:
A nice tail coat you have on, Billy,
But you wouldn't make a good husband,
Wouldn't make a good husband, wouldn't make a good husband.
Whisky my bride, you are the best of all them ladies.
You won't leave me yet, no, I won't be alone.
They say whisky, that's not all, you can live without her.
But these people don't know about it,
That the worst thing in life is
Being alone, being alone.
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