Ya Star (Engels vertaling)

Kurdish (Kurmanji)

Ya Star

Daxwaziya me, em bibin dewlet
Dibejin h�n nebun millet li dinyay� millet neman
B� azad� � b� dewlet ji bil� me Kurdan
Dibejin d�roka we n�ne Faris� ne Ereb� ne
Yan Tirk� ne � li hevket�ne bin geha we qet �i n�ne
Dibejin r�ziman n�ne Zazak� ne Kurmanc� ne
Soran� ne Loran� ne yan Gor� ne ka Kurd ki ne?
Ne li ser yek mezheb � d�ne
�slam� ne Xr�stiyan� ne
Zerd�şt� ne Yah�d� ne Alaw� ne � Sun� ne.
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Submitter's comments:

I'm neither sure if this is Kurmanji, nor if this is the entire text of the lyrics, or only a fragment. Anyone who knows better (and who can correct the text - knowing which letters in each case should replace the funky little " � " symbol - I would greatly appreciate it if you could p.m. me with the information, so that I can make the necessary corrections!

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Engels vertaling

Oh God

Our wish is to establish our state.
They say you have not been a nation, there are no nations left
Without independence and a state except for the Kurds
They say that you do not have your own history you are Persian, you are Arab,
You are Turkish and you never get on well with each other
They say you do not have a language. Is it Zazaki or Kurmanc�
Or Soran� or Loran� or Gor�, who are Kurds ?
You neither have a common religion nor a sect
There are Muslims, Christians
Zoroastrians, Jews, Alevis and Sunnis
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