Me erotizas (Engels vertaling)

Engels vertaling

You Arouse Me

It's late, and the night is behind
you light colorless candles
you quickly sprawl across the armchair
Your touch is on me
for the first time
and your sensual voice whispers of love
and warmth
To feel, to dance
and you arouse me
to kiss, to love you
and you hypnotize me
Your trembling at my first touch
you start touching me
and you make me blush
We are two inexperienced beings
starting a love game
and your sensual voice draws us closer
and closer
My own translation
Ma propre translation
Mi propia traducción
Toegevoed door Carlooz Càzares op Zon, 30/04/2017 - 14:58
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Ok, this song is kinda hard to translate, I accept all kind of suggestions, comments and opinions