Yürüdüm (Engels vertaling)

  • Artiest: Feridun Düzağaç
  • Nummer: Yürüdüm 2 vertalingen
  • Vertalingen: Arabisch, Engels
Engels vertalingEngels

I walked on

I walked on, step after step
I got light from the tales
My smiling face and pudent heart
All red, I walked on
I walked on and fell in love
I walked on and became an explorer
The life doesnt pass just learning
I got heavier, I walked on
I walked on, my father died
I walked on, I had a daughter
Sometimes spring, sometimes dark winter
I had pains, I walked on
I walked on and became homeless
I walked on and left without you
I thought love would never leave me
But it left and I walked on
I walked on and caught fire
I walked on and I became ashes
I passed through gardens of roses
I walked on thorns
I walked on and became a game
My reality became a game
My child was left behind me
I looked behind, and walked on
I walked on shouting
I walked on screaming
An old sobbing in my throat
I walked on choking
I walked on, a war burst out
I walked on, a competition started out
The world in which I was afraid to get lost
Became very small as I walked on
I walked on, God told me to stop
What's left to live?
Tell me whatever you got
I walked black and white
I went away passing from the view of my own eye
I walked up to clouds
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