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Pointless Idle Words

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Let's mix in little magic to crystal opaque wine glass
In melting candles light the mirrors cast a glare
Few pointless idle words I tiredly exhale
And flame that used to burn Is gone with no return
The pointless idling words - the vignettes of
false essence
The pointless idling words are easy thing to say
These pointless idling talks,
Please do not judge or blame me
The words we say in vain make love flames fade away
You won't hear the bell ring, no foot prints by the door
No sign of hesitation in my steps anymore
Don't make me understand, revealing final clue
The fate of idle talk is yet to follow through
Imagine storylines on tenderness of summers
With patch of flatten grass and cheer of wild flowers
And hundreds of years go by as scattered candy hearts
In pointless idle talks and pointless idling loves
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Построчный литературный перевод с рифмой простыми повседневными словами для удобного исполнения. Принимаю рекомендации как улучшить этот перевод.

Напрасные слова (Naprasnye slova)

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