Печат от моята душа (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

A Mark of My Soul

Hear me,
When you're falling into the blue deep,
When faith in you is fading
And you're not giving any dime
Hear me,
When you lost yourself in fears
But still you’re giving the forgiveness
To people hurt you, with a pride...
Hear me,
Into the light of stars above us,
In highest flights of mighty eagles,
And in the silence of a water.
Hear me,
And if you want – you can remember me
And if you want – you can remember that
I've been into this world just for a while.
Hear me,
The things around us go away,
Yet love creates in an our day
A trace from our human trace.
Hear me,
Just leave your sorrow to the wind,
Throw out from your bread into the river
And bravely change your destiny.
Hear me,
When even I’m not any near
And only song remains it here
Remains a mark from soul of mine...
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I do not own this transation.
Translation by Vlady Fidanova.

Печат от моята душа

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