16 (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski


Mama you know I'm doing this for you
The moula is for you
A few thousand euros every week doesn't cost an arm and a leg
The haters are too many so I'm avoiding them
I'm still just a kid but I invest
And I walk alone
I don't like being bothered
But I swear, oftentimes, I feel like giving some of them a walloping
Only if I do that I'll end up trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons
I signed a huge deal and I'm no longer in the red
Besides I don't have any girlfriends
They all left me
They thought I was killing it but I was hurting all the while
They would lay into me and pull me down so I'm done with them
I'm too busy to talk, go through Feuneu
Talk to Feuneu
Cos I won't respond
I got blasted 24/7 but didn't hit back
You need money, I'll give you some
You need advice, I'll give you some
But in no time people took me for an fool
They're nothing but hypocrites who come around for their own personal gain
They told me, "Wejdene, for your own good, you'd better toughen up"
So it's not easy for me to voice it out, but believe me, I love you
I've got money but I can't find sleep, I'm so damn sore
And I'm single, by the way
They've been coming back since I made it, since the fat checks
But tell you what, friend, I'm better off staying single
You can't cope with having me by your side, I'll hook you up with my girlfriend
Anyways, you snakes
I haven't spoken of you
We said we'd be friends till the end
But at the slightest trouble you all get mad and abandon me
I'm so pissed and crying alone, I'm going to go shopping
Yeah you heard that right, I'm not poor anymore
That's in my past
All day I was in the studio and you were hating on me
I'm a little queen whether you like it or not, it's in my blood
Give it less than a year and you'll be hearing Wejdene wherever you turn
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