Dio Nihtes / Alimono (Δυο νύχτες / Αλίμονο) (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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Woe betide

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Two nights
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tongue smile
We met
On top of my tears
The night that
I met you
The night that we break up
And my dreams are crying
They'll drown my heart
Without your love, I'd be alone
The bitterness would drown me, the tear, the pain
You led me to earth(hollowed land), to hope, I saw the meaning of the world inside your eyes
Woe betide those who haven't loved
Woe betide (x3)
Woe betide those who haven't shed a tear
Life,they haven't met your beauty (x2)
The night is spreading everywhere
it's the Sky's song
Deep, very deep night inside my soul
Desolation has covered me
A sorrow and a freezing cold
Why should you leave out of my life all of the sudden?
I want to write to you today
But I'm afraid I'll cry
I'm weary of the tears and the gulps
I'm shutting down my windows
I'll stay alone again
The sighs are going to drown me again tonight
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Dio Nihtes / Alimono (Δυο νύχτες / Αλίμονο)

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