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Alisoun (Alysoun)

Bitweene Merch and Averil,
When spray biginneth to springe,
The litel fowl hath hire wil
On hire leod to singe.
Ich libbe in love-longinge
For semlokest of alle thinge.
Heo may me blisse bringe:
Ich am in hire baundoun.
An hendy hap ich habbe yhent,
Ichoot from hevene it is me sent:
From alle wommen my love is lent,
And light on Alisoun.
On hew hire heer is fair ynough,
Hire browe browne, hire yën blake;
With lossum cheere heo on me lough;
With middel smal and wel ymake.
But heo me wolle to hire take
For to been hire owen make,
Longe to liven ichulle forsake,
And feye fallen adown.
An hendy hap, etc.
Nightes when I wende and wake,
Forthy mine wonges waxeth wan:
Levedy, al for thine sake
Longinge is ylent me on.
In world nis noon so witer man
That al hire bountee telle can;
Hire swire is whittere than the swan,
And fairest may in town.
An hendy, etc.
Ich am for wowing al forwake,
Wery so water in wore.
Lest any reve me my make
Ich habbe y-yerned yore.
Bettere is tholien while sore
Than mournen evermore.
Geinest under gore,
Herkne to my roun:
An hendy, etc.
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Wersje: #1#2
Between March and April
When the blossom1 begins to appear2
The small birds take pleasure
in singing in their language
I live in love-longing
For the fairest of all things
She is able to bring me bliss
I am in her power
A lovely chance I have received
I know it is sent to me from heaven
From all women my love is removed
And alights on Alison.
In color, her hair is sufficiently fair
Her eyebrows are brown, her eyes are black
With a pleasant expression she smiled at me
With a slender and well-formed waist
Unless she wishes to take me [to herself]
As her own mate3
I will give up living a long time
And fall down dead.
A lovely chance...etc.
At night when I turn and stay awake
As result my cheeks turn pale
Lady, all for your sake
Desire4 has come upon me
In all the world there isn't so clever a man
That is able to recount all her excellence
Her neck is whiter than the swan's
And she is the fairest maid in town.
A lovely chance...etc.
I am completely worn out from staying awake
Weary as water in a weir
Lest anyone takes away from me my beloved
From whom I have yearned for a long time
It is better to suffer sorely for a time
Than to mourn for ever after
Fairest under a skirt
Listen to my song
A lovely chance...etc.
  • 1. branch
  • 2. spring
  • 3. partner
  • 4. longing
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