Anne Clark - Letter Of Thanks To A Friend

  • Artysta: Anne Clark
  • Album: To Love and Be Loved (1995)

Letter Of Thanks To A Friend

I thank god for you
Through all the descending scales
The falling skies
So many shades of blue
The warmth you radiate
The path you led me to
I'm thanking god for you
In the fire of that August
Each horizon seemed unreachable
Now gently broken through
And I thank god for you
For each time you caught me in my falling
Answered to my calling
For what you made me do
Thanking god for you
It's just life inside unfolding
Finding things once lost anew
Love and mercy will in time
Find and pull it through
I'm thanking you
And thanking something unknown
Which may not or may be true
But shows itself as love and mercy
And what love in life can do
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