Böses Erwachen (tłumaczenie na angielski)

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Rude Awakening

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Come O come, embrace the she-wolf
You will not be eaten
For she does not go hungry
In the villages, among their herds
Come O come, reach out for the snake
All her poison dried up long ago
She crawled upon her stomach
And the dust vanquished her
Rude awakening
Come O come, go with the sheep
Who trot willingly to the slaughtering block
surely they will spare you and
Feast upon the blood of the others
Come O come, go through the fire
For my word protects you!
go to the other side for me
And there you will live forever
Rude awakening
Come O come crawling to the cross
To the cross that you despise
That you thought to stamp into the dust
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Böses Erwachen

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