Bailo con vos (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

I'll Dance With You

Dance and I are incompatible.
I'm terrified of time signatures
I am made of cardboard - you are the music.
You have rhythm and skill and are flexible.
Your voice tells me that nothing is impossible,
That it's only love where others notice. 1
You let them watch us,
We dance strangely, but we are free.
Just for you, if you can ... well, I ...
I'll do it for you, and again, again, again.
Just for you, if you kiss me,
I'll do anything, my love.
Just for you I throw myself forward
And go forth with valor
And on an impulsive2 whim
I dance with you.
Soon it turns out that nothing is impossible.
The cardboard man is dancing like a little boy.
It's owing to your magic, somehow, that I danced ...
I don't know how you did it.
Just for you, and so as not to miss the opportunity
To be ... pressed body-to-body with you,
And again and again, again and again. 3
Just for you I have my heart in my mouth, just for you.
And I keep the vigor of your kisses. 4
If that's what you want, I'll dance with you.
If that's what you want, I'll dance with you.
  • 1. This is sort of vague and curiously worded in Spanish.
  • 2. Ill-considered, and slightly embarrassing would work too.
  • 3. "Por repetir," in this sense, is densely layered. "For the sake of having experience after experience, together" would break the lyric structure and the fact that it's an allusion. It's a touch, a hint, rather than a direct statement.
  • 4. Translated thus because "fresh kisses" sound weird in English. But roughly the same spectrum of possible interpretations - from youth to impudence - apply.
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Bailo con vos

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