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Sore spot

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Never touch my sore spot
Don't rub salt into my wound
Otherwise we'll upset each other
Will it suit any of us to act like that?
Let's keep silent and just look at each other
Let's find a way from one heart to the other
So we'll never stop enjoying each other
Let's not fight but love
Fight doesn't suit neither you nor me
Let's shift the helm towards the shores of love
A single spark is enough to set hay on fire
We too will burn to ashes in this flame in no time
These life draining games are like a deadlock
Believe that those who think everything
is either black or white are certainly wrong
Before it's too late let's get back to love my darling
Oh Dear, it's a bottomless pit
Believe that we'll lose it all if we fall
Don't think there will be victory in the end
Don't think anyone can get away with what they've done
It doesn't matter if one is right or wrong
An amber burns only the place where it falls
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Bam Teli

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