(to be in) the limelight

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Znaczenie „(to be in) the limelight”


1. (figurative, but now in fact the primary meaning of the term is): to be the focus of public attention or public interest,

synonyms: to be in the public eye, to be the subject of intense media attention, media interest; public recognition, publicity, the glare of publicity, fame, renown, celebrity, stardom, notability, etc.

"she couldn't conceal her excitement at being back in the limelight"

(2) The literal meaning, and origin of the term:

is the intense white light obtained by heating lime, formerly used in theatres.

(Note: "lime" here does NOT mean the green-colored citrus fruit, but rather, is:

a white caustic alkaline substance consisting of calcium oxide, which is obtained by heating limestone and which combines with water with the production of much heat; quicklime.

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"(to be in) the ..." w tekście piosenki

Georges Brassens - The trumpets of Fame

I do not show my reproductive organs
To anyone, except my women and my doctors.
Must I, to be headline news in gossip columns,[fn]défrayer la chronique = to be in the news- to be in the limelight[/fn]
Drum up attention with my genitals as sticks.[fn]Battre l' tambour. The translation of town crier is tambour de ville because a little drum was used to draw attention, where the English used a bell.[/fn]

Mozart! (Musical) - There's Always Dancing Somewhere

Even as a child I was humble
I never pushed myself to the front
I never wanted to be in the limelight
Because to learn and practice would be too hard for me

Stan - If You Want It

I see you sitting alone looking bored
a seductive glance and a super sexy body
You know how to be in the limelight
c’mon baby don’t be shy they can’t see what you do

Stefan Živojinović - Second League

you're leaving in front of everyone

Everything just to be in the limelight
congratulations, today is the day

Killerpilze - Stay-at-home-rocker

You are a stay-at-home and I sing here for you
Don't you want to be in the limelight? (Not into the limelight?)
Just come outside and play a song for me