Ben Buyum (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielski

This Is Me

This is me,my love
I have no palace,no villa,no havings
I have no goods,no domain,and no havings
I can't promise you a throne
I just have a loving heart to give you
This is me,my love
I can'y build a relationship on lies
I can't deceive you,i fear God
I can't swear falsely and steal your heart
Even though your love kills me
This is me,if you love,i can even die for you
This is me,if you don't love,goodbye
I accept it,spend my life
Laughing is forbidden for me
I don't want to worsen your most beautiful days
I don't want to worsen your youth
I don't want you to love me by relenting
I don't want you to agonize with me
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