Canción del Poder Popular (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielskiangielski

Song of the People's Power

If our land asks us to,
we must be the ones
who raise Chile,
to help this way
Let's take the reins
of all our affairs,
and let them immediately understand,
man and woman, all together.
[Chorus, 2x:]
After all, this time we are not talking
about changing the President,
there will be people who will build
a completely different Chile.
Take your revenge together,
we have an open door
and the People's Unity
for anyone who wants to.
We'll kick the Yankees out
and his baleful tongue.
With People's Unity,
now we are the government.
[Chorus, 2x:]
The Motherland will look large
with its liberated land.
Since we have a key,
the case is moving forward.
And now no one can take away
our right to be free,
and as human beings,
we can live in Chile.
[Chorus, 2x:]
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Canción del Poder Popular

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