ANIMATED Music Videos (Part.2)

Stworzone przez florquinn dnia 11 lt. 2019 | Ostatnio edytowano przez florquinn dnia 16 lt. 2019

For part.1, click here:

Official animated/cartoon music videos.

For virtual artists (e.g.: Gorillaz) and those who only release animated music videos, I will add two representative songs per album.

Piosenka | angielski Gojira

Tłumaczenia:  turecki grecki
Piosenka | angielski Moby

Tłumaczenia:  francuski
Piosenka | angielski Incubus

Tłumaczenia:  polski hiszpański turecki
Piosenka | angielski Gorillaz

Tłumaczenia:  turecki
Piosenka | angielski Breakbot

Tłumaczenia:  turecki grecki
Piosenka | angielski Glue Trip

Tłumaczenia:  hiszpański
Piosenka | fiński Moonsorrow

Tłumaczenia:  angielski
Piosenka | hiszpański Molotov

Tłumaczenia:  angielski włoski
Piosenka | szwedzki Garmarna

Tłumaczenia:  angielski
Moje komentarze
ingirumimusnocte    pon., 11/02/2019 - 05:32

This one is a masterpiece, in my opinion.
Full of pop culture references and a brilliant graphic creativity.
For all its dark humor, it's not exactly cheerful though.

Jethro Paris    pon., 11/02/2019 - 05:36

Wow, j'ai adorer la vidéo et le son, merci beaucoup du partage!

ingirumimusnocte    pon., 11/02/2019 - 05:48

Tu peux aller voir d'autres animations de Steve Cutts, c'est un vrai génie. Du même niveau que les cartoons des années 30 du studio Max Fleischer qui sont vraiment incroyables de créativité.
Mon favori c'est la course de voitures Regular smile

florquinn    pon., 11/02/2019 - 07:18

How come did i forgot this video?!
Thanks! Regular smile

florquinn    pon., 11/02/2019 - 14:38

Hi, Breezy Regular smile
The link to part.1 is already on the description. (is the one that says"ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEOS PART.1).

Thanks for the videos! Doesn't have to be 100% animated, but in the case is not, the better would be if it goes back and forth from "real" to "animation" or both things mixed at the same time. Just like the Incubus video.

Videos like "Music" of Madonna that have only 30sec of animation, doesn't count.

BreezyDay    pon., 11/02/2019 - 17:29

Oh! How did I not see the link? When I use my phone and there is an image, the first sentence squishes to a small space on the right. I have the bed habit of skimming past. . .i know to follow my own advice and start linking my own. I have one for family love and wanted to include the link to norteño songs about fathers. It's disappeared. Maybe it was changed to draft.