Atheist songs

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Atheist songs

Songs about atheism, agnosticism, skepticism, secularism, ...
That is, anything that ism-brued with that despicable habit of questioning things, which is a sure way to reserve you a place in the cozy warmth of hell.

What would the world be like if there was nothing to oppress people? No money, no power, no religion?
It’s almost impossible to imagine, though very appealing.

A translation of John Lennon's "Imagine".

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Piosenka | angielski XTC

The paradox of an infinitely powerful and benevolent God, and all the evil in the world, is one that’s apparent to anybody with any common sense.
Yet, no religion could come up with a reasonable solution, except that of "you need faith".

A song to definitely and irrefutabily dismiss the absurd theory of Darwinian evolution.

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A song for stalwart supporters of sacred unions between people loving each other. That is, as long as they differ in their 23rd chromosome.

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Christmas is a time for celebration for many religions. It makes you wonder which one is right in their claims.

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This is actually a whole album (the linked song is its first track).
The life of Jesus is seen through a different lens, that of apocryphal Gospels. Stripped of the most dogmatic facets of the story, what remains is a very humane story, about both love and pain.

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A man is incarcerated and tortured for his non-beliefs.

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Jesus was nothing but human. Yet the example of his unconditional, human love, is way more than most religions have to offer.

God is a very convenient concept. Just not for those people who are supposed to lie low in spite of the injustice done to them, because it’s God’s will.

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A suggestion to Jesus not to come back on Earth: he wouldn’t like the way we used him and his name for our purposes.

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People offering salvation might have much more down-to-earth motives than the supposedly spiritual ones. Yet believers still come in scores.

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Piosenka | angielski Metallica

The Messiah: bamboozler of the masses, whose lies keep being spread by his evangelists, taking advantage of people.

Piosenka | angielski Muse

Being an atheist has the obvious downside of not having anyone lending you an omnipotent helping hand, and that can be really frightening at critical times.

The stark comparison between an all-good God, and the evil in the world - or even just random unfair tragedies - leaves little room for believing. Unless He has a very sick sense of humour.

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If God really existed, would he really be so interested in our petty sins and deeds?
That sounds like a great deal of arrogance on the human race's part.

The concept of "Jesus" can be taken literally, as a deity, like religion does.
But it's much better to take it as a "verb", as a metaphor to spur people to be good to others, leaving all metaphysics aside.

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If Jesus were to come back on Earth, he would find that things have gotten worse since the last time he visited.

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It's close to impossible to believe in a god, when all around you, you see injustice and hardship. It looks like god has chosen to side with rich people, not caring about the poor.

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Piosenka | włoski Caparezza

The Science Museum in Florence has Galileo Galilei’s middle finger on display. This sort of laical relic is a perfect symbol for science and reason against religion and faith. So, in the song, Galileo’s devotees organize a sort of procession in support of science, carrying the finger with them, as if giving the finger to dogmatism.

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Piosenka | włoski Max Gazzè

A sarcastic song towards religious preachers who go door by door trying to convert people (or just take money from them).
In Italy, it is a quite common to have "testimoni di Geova" ringing your doorbell for this exact reason.

This is adapted from the last will of Jean Meslier, a French parish priest from the 1600s-1700s, who denounced the collusion of the Church with tyrants, nobles, and others taking advantage of the people. He was a priest and kept quiet while he was still alive, to avoid being tortured by the Inquisition.

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The most famous socialist anthem.
It promotes self-determination against any kind of master, either earthly or heavenly.

It’s so much easier for people with a strong belief, never having to doubt themselves, and always having someone to call for help or to blame for what’s wrong.
Sometimes atheists wish they could be so sure, and meeting God face to face would provide some certainties.

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An in-depth analysis of the sexual behavior of some young Christians, which lays bare the contradictions of their backward thinking.

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Praying is just a wast of time. It has never changed the odds of any event, and never will.

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Piosenka | polski Maria Peszek

For people who aren't sheep, the famous quote from the Bible can be overturned as "The Lord is not my shepherd".

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What if "God" was not some higher entity, and it was just each and every fellow human being, to be respected and cared for?

What if God was more of a rebel than his bigot worshippers are?

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Stefano8Stefano8    czw., 03/01/2019 - 11:39

It's a nice song, but from what I understand it's not about heaven, it's about love and false promises; "heaven" is the promise of a perfect life and perfect love.